Tail Fin Trials – Mexico and Nicaragua

Trevor Gordon and Ian Durkin recently collaborated with shaper Ryan Lovelace to create four pretty wild asymmetrical finless boards. They took the contraptions down to Mexico and Nicaragua for a test run – these are their stories.

Surfing & Direction: TrevorGordonarts.com
Editing & Direction: IanDurkin.com
Film: ErinFeinblatt.com & KellenKeene.com
Shaping: RLovelace.com
Original Score: soundcloud.com/thebins

Mr Gordon, tell us about your new film?

For this film I did two trips for the sake of “testing” these boards. One to Nicaragua and one Baja. I went to Nicaragua with four of these finless boards and thats it… which was a really weird feeling, not having a fish or a step up or something but it was awesome, it made me ride only these the whole time, for better or for worse.

Have you spent a bit of time in Nicas before this trip?

I’d been there once before and scored Colorados really good, wasn’t quite the same this time but still fun.

Did you get stuck into the Flor de cana? That stuff is nectar.

Damn, I had to just google that and am bummed to say I haven’t had it. I live on a boat, rum is good.

Any heavy situations?

Nothing in the way of sketchy people or anything. On the way down for this Baja trip we had two trucks, my buddies engine blew up and was spitting metal chunks around under the hood. I had to tow him to the next town, which if you’ve been to Baja you know how sketch the roads are. Ended up being a component to his air brakes, they found the part in another town and we were out of there after a day.

Ryan’s boarding are pretty fucking special, how did you end up hanging out?

Our buddy Morgan Maassen was just getting into photos and wanted to take some shaping pictures. Not sure how he found Ryan actually… but after shooting with him he brought me down to hang and we made a board the next day. A 5’3” quad egg thing. I was a full short board thruster head at the time and haven’t really ridden a “normal” board since.

How do you go on Ryan’s masterpieces?

Yeah they are awesome and I’m a skeptic when it comes to boards. But the design really works well and shines in hollow fast waves, where most other finless boards struggle.

What’s the story behind these boards?

So the toe side is about a foot longer than the heel side, it comes to a sharp point and curves back to the heal. Looks like a shark bit or something. I find it hard to explain surfboards so I wont try, but how it feels is that the elongated toe side sticks back into the wave when your in the pocket and almost wants to turn left (going right) as it gets picked up by the wave… at which point you lean harder on your toe side and you just sorta stick there without sliding out. Theres some funny business going on on the bottom but thats always changing around, but essentially a deep concave off the toe side.

What are some essentials you needed on these trips?

The two trips were super different, but for baja i like to always bring some fishing gear, sun shade because you’ll actually fry, lots of coffee, a spray bottle for dishes as to not waste water and camera.

3 songs that made the trip?

My brother was DJ the whole drive down Baja. We had ‘Dear Mr. fantasy’, ‘Crosby stills and Nash’, ‘Loudon Wainwright’ and uhhh, Mexican radio…

Have you been on the road much lately? Where to next?

These days I’m traveling a little less actually and working more on projects like this. Traveling for short films like this opposed to traveling for photos. Just did a video for Poler thats out now where we went to Puerto Rico and New York. I live on a sailboat in Santa Barbara and am currently getting it ready to sail to the tip of Baja and back this fall with a couple friends so thats taking up a bunch of the summer in prep along.

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