Mike Giant

This week’s playlist was created by none other than prolific artist Mike Giant. Not only does Mike have one of the steadiest hands in the tattoo game, turns out he’s got a steady ear, too. He sent us his nostalgic mix of skate songs and answered a bunch of music related queries to go along with it. Enjoy playlist numero diez, ‘The Skate Tape’, by Mike Giant.

MC: What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when creating a playlist or mix-tape?

MG: Cohesiveness and flow.

What’s the theme of your playlist?

These are all songs I used to listen to when I was a teenage skateboarder.  The first half is metal and punk, the last half is hip-hop/gangster shit.

What activity/activities would your playlist best compliment?

I’d still want to hear these songs when I’m skating at the park.  This would also be a great playlist for working in the studio, too.  These are also the kinds of records I like to play in bars and stuff.

Are there any songs on there that you’re a little embarrassed by?

No, I think these are all pretty classic.  And I don’t think any of these tracks should be huge surprises to people.

Were you a mix-tape maker back in the cassette days? If so, what was your specialty?

Yes, I mostly made punk and metal compilations that I could play in my car on the way to skate spots.  Sometimes I would trade tapes with friends.  I copied hundreds of tapes for friends during the Rave era too.


1 Metallica – ‘Whiplash’

2 Black Flag – ‘Six Pack’

3 Circle Jerks – ‘Wild in the Streets’

4 Dead Kennedys – ‘Jock-O-Rama’

5 Slayer – ‘South of Heaven’

6 Suicidal Tendencies – ‘Institutionalized’

7 Bad Brains – ‘Attitude’

8 Descendents – ‘Suburban Home’

9 Minor Threat – ‘Guilty of Being White’

10 Public Enemy – ‘Fight the Power’

11 KRS-ONE – ‘Sound of da Police’

12 NWA – ‘Fuck the Police’

13 Professor Griff and The Last Asiatic Disciples – ‘Pawns in the Game’

14 The D.O.C. – ‘Portrait of a Masterpiece’

15 Def Jef – ‘Droppin Rhymes on Drums’

16 Ice T – ‘Power’

17 The East Flatbush Project – ‘Tried by 12’

18 The Coup – ‘Me and Jesus the Pimp in a ’79’

19 Slick Rick – ‘Children’s Story’

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