Noa Deane

This week’s playlist comes from Australian surf prodigy Noa Deane. We hope you like guitar.

What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when creating a playlist or mix-tape?

I just like to put exactly what I’d like to listen to, then throw one random one that makes no sense, haha.

What’s the theme of your playlist?

I think this one is a bit of a guitar player’s mix, these songs get me inspired to make music.

What activity/activities would your playlist best compliment?

Driving, due to how long some of the songs are, it’s easy to get in a good driving groove, and skating. I would say surfing too, but you can’t really listen to headphones in the water, which sucks.

Were you a mix-tape maker back in the cassette days? If so, what was your specialty?

So bad at it, I would watch my brother do it, he would just tape Rage, then he got a walkman cd version, which had Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and also P.O.D so I guess I listened to that stuff, haha.


‘Abuse Me’ – Silverchair

‘Candle’ – Sonic Youth

‘The Door’ – Silverchair

‘Forevermore’ – Thurston Moore

‘Good Feeling’ – Violent Femmes

‘Hate The Police’ – Mudhoney

‘Heart-Shaped Box’ – Nirvana

‘Karen Revisted’ – Sonic Youth

‘Moist Vagina’ – Nirvana

‘My War’ – Black Flag

‘Saramona Said’ – Violent Soho

‘Soon’ – My Bloody Valentine

‘Starman’ – David Bowie

‘When You Sleep’ – My Bloody Valentine

‘2 Of  Amerikaz Most Wanted’ – 2Pac

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