Josh Pall x Pass~Port Blazer Hi

If I had to describe Josh Pall’s new Nike SB part in two words, they would be: “fuckin’ heavy.”  Wait—they’ve given me more words.  Check out this tall motherfucker, barging his lanky ass all over these head-scratchin’ spots, filling in the space before and after by making easy tricks look hard, as well as vice versa.  In five more words: this fuckin’ dude skates proper.

Josh has a right-brained approach to skating. He picks far-out spots, and hits them in simple ways that none of us would ever think to do. This approach is mirrored in his design of the classic Nike Blazer Hi, in collaboration with his Aussie board co. Pass~Port. Super-simple, deconstructed for ultimate board feel, with a tonal triple-black color way that accentuates the subtle details that make it unique. It’s kind of like picking a spot to skate, you know? Like, using stuff in ways that suit you, rather than how they were intended. Self-expression in spaces that weren’t conceived for creative thought. Skaters see the world different, fool. Like, for instance, I was eating a bowl of soup, and was like, “dude, what if this bowl of soup was like, GIGANTIC? We could call all the homies and like, everyone brings a spoon, we could eat all the soup together and then skate its bowl. It’d have like, five feet of vert I bet.” Shit like that crosses your mind sometimes. That’s just what core skaters do, you know?

Here’s what Josh said about the shoe: “From afar it looks like an all-black shoe, but up close it’s a different story,” says Pall. “The waxed canvas upper gives the shoe a stealth effect. The jet black Swoosh, embroidered to keep it from peeling up when you skate, stands out against the canvas.” That’s the shit that I’m talking about! Skaters are mad thoughtful. Killer winter shoe to boot! And as far as skating, the soft heel patch emblazoned with a subtle Pass~Port logo provides added comfort and cushioning. The sock liner features the same graphic that appears on his Pass~Port deck, which was created by artist Marcus Dixon. The Nike SB Pass~Port Blazer is available at as well as select Nike SB retailers in Australia beginning July 24 and globally August 15. A must-skate for any core ripper who lives their life to the ebb and flow of the ocean of thought that is uniquely their own or something.

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