This is hands down one of the insane things to ever happen in professional surfing history. Minutes into the final of the J-Bay Open, Mick Fanning was attacked by a great white shark on live broadcast.

Incredibly, Fanning somehow managed to come away from the incident unscathed but is probably suffering from massive fucking heart palpitations.  Being the deadset legend he is, Mick punched the shark multiple times in the back before the water patrol, who were on the scene faster than you could say “Fuck that, I’m never surfing again”, scooped up both Fanning and Julian Wilson from the water.

Fanning clearly just dodged a massive gilled bullet. If that was me, I’d be scraping the wax off my board, the shit out of my wetsuit and I’d be on the first flight out of South Africa.

* Update: The J-Bay Open final has been cancelled with Mick, Julian and the WSL not being comfortable to continue the event (fair call). Both surfers, who are currently competing for the ratings lead, will receive an equal second place. In other news, I have eight surfboards and three wetsuits for sale here.

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