Holy Esque

Imagine you’re at a party. The people are great, the finger food is abnormally plentiful, and the vibe has potential.

The problem is the music. It’s letting the party down. Over in the left corner of the living room, Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is devouring a mini quiche. Future Islands’ Samuel T. Herring taps Alec on the shoulder, and notions to the microphone in the center of the room, eerily unattended. The bathroom door opens, and out rolls every member of Wolf Parade and We Are Augustines (big bathroom). Without a word, everyone meets in the middle of the room, miraculously gains instruments, and proceeds to release a wall of sound, as infectious as it is melodic. Suddenly, this is the best party you’ve ever been to. It has exceeded all expectations.

Didn’t get an invite to that party? Neither did we. It never happened, buddy. I said imagine. But, the party can happen in your ears, thanks to Holy Esque. The Glasgow group is dropping their new EP, Submission, July 17. But who want’s to wait another two days to party, when you can listen to it in full right here? It’ll have you tapping and hollering all over the place. Vocalist Pat Hynes sounds near possessed throughout the release, but it’s not until halfway through standout track ‘Strange’ that you realize Granddaddy Lucifer got him for good.

Sorry if you had something else to do today. Now it ain’t gonna get done. Just pour yourself a drink and let it loop. There’s always tomorrow.

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