RVCA ANP Quarterly


RVCA have relaunched their ANP quarterly, and man, are we glad they did. Open this jumbo size puppy up and you’ll be smacked in the face with 147 pages of glorious content. There’s an in depth interview with filmmaker Khalil Joseph, features on artists Jim Drain, Dorothy Iannone, Matt Connors, and Letizia Battaglia, plus an Ed Templeton photo essay, and heaps, heaps more.

Another cool thing about the ANP is every page is like, poster size. So you can pull ‘em out, frame ‘em up, and make it look like you have an original Cali Thornhill-Dewitt work on your wall, all for zero of the price. You can even fake his signature in the bottom right corner. There’s room; we tried it. RVCA launched the mag late last week at the Pow! Wow! Exhib in Long Beach, and a bunch of cool people turned up to praise the magazine, including Alex Ross and Damon Way. If you weren’t cool enough able to head along and pick up a copy, everything is under control. All you have to do is subscribe to Monster Children (USA only), and we’ll put a copy in a big envelope and mail it to you. You’ll wait about a week, then you’ll check your letter box, open up the magazine, carefully tear out one of the poster-size Cali pieces, sign it, frame it, and hang it on our wall. Every time you look at it, you’ll thank RVCA, and every time Cali Thornhill-Dewitt counts his food stamps, he’ll do the very same thing.

Subscribe here use code RVCA at checkout. (USA Only)

monster-children-rvca-quarterly-anp-2Jeff Devine, Brotherhood of Eternal Love

monster-children-rvca-quarterly-anp-3Gibby Haynes Portrait By Austin Rhodes

TOWER1__MIDDLE_AGENDA.inddSFMOMA, Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

monster-children-rvca-quarterly-anp-4Cali Thornhill-Dewitt


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