Dion Agius x Globe Los Angered

Dion Agius designed a shoe. Then Globe made a film about it. Then we watched it. Now we’re making Dion elaborate on a few key points, cause, well, he didn’t explain shit in the video.

Hey Dion, we watched the video. We’re gonna need a bit more information from you. Lets start with this: why do you really hate Los Angeles?

I usually only hate Los Angeles when I’m sitting in my car and it’s 7 million degrees outside, and I have no air conditioning in my car. I’m an idiot and haven’t figured out traffic yet, so I always leave at the wrong time and then I’m sitting in my car, moving at approximately one mile and hour, and I’m probably getting lost because I don’t really know my way around here, and then some asshole is yelling at me because I’m driving bad, and my radio doesn’t work… and then I hate it. Other than that, I like it.

Why do you have a shoe when you are a surfer and don’t wear them?

I’m not sure why Globe lets me have a signature shoe. I must have bamboozled them into thinking it was good idea at some point, I don’t remember how. But I’m glad they did, because I really like shoes, and I really like wearing shoes, especially in Los Angeles, because fuck knows what I would step on around here otherwise. So I’m really happy that I now have shoes that I can walk around in. The best part is most of the times they even give them to me for free, which saves me money to pay for all the LA parking fines I get when I’m not stuck in traffic.



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