Scott Albrecht


Scott Albrecht is a Brookyn based artist who is about to open his latest solo show, Now and Then, this weekend at Andenken Gallery in Amsterdam. Incorporating a mix of paper, wood and panel, Scott’s works are of the awesome ilk. Not only does he make incredible art, he also hates public transport and slaughters trees for fun. Great guy, that Scotty A.



MC: When was the last time you thought ‘I don’t want to be here, now’ ?

SA: This morning on the subway. Too many dicks on the dance floor.

Do you always try to live in the present?

I think it’s a good place to be. A lot of the work I do I think of as being a reminder to my future self. I don’t like to dwell too much on what has happened. I’d rather try to be present and aware of what is happening at that moment in time. It’s the only experience you can have.



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How did you begin working with wood?

I started right after I graduated college. I went to school for graphic design and a lot of the work I was doing in school was digital. After I graduated I was eager to make more tangible work so I started using the scrap pieces of wood from around my house as canvases and it evolved from there. I wasn’t particularly drawn to working on wood initially. I think it was just readily available, and I really grew to love the qualities and characteristics of it.

How many trees do you think have died for your artwork?





What’s your favorite color?

That sweet spot of orange with a little bit of red, a touch of white and a drop of black to make it slightly less saturated.

Do you think artists make good friends?

Yeah! They’re the best!


Here and Now

July 3rd—24th, 2015 with an opening reception on Friday, July 3rd, from 6—10pm.

Exhibition Location:

Battalion Amsterdam

Pazzanistraat 17, 1014DB

Amsterdam, NL


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