Davis Torgerson

Monster_Children-7Photography by Dan Huseby

Skateboarder Davis Torgerson hails from Wayzata, Minnesota, a Lakota Sioux phrase meaning “North Shore.” Though he now resides in Los Angeles, California, Davis will always call MN home. We sat down with Davis to get the inside scoop on the best places to skate, eat, shop and sight see in the Gopher State. Presented by Budweiser, enjoy the third installment of our four part series, Roots.

Where are you from?

Born in Willmar, MN, and moved to Wayzata when I was 6. After high school I moved to Minneapolis to be a little closer to my friends and skating.

What is the best thing about coming from a small town?

Strong community feeling.

And the worst?

Things move slow, and people know people so it can feel a bit gossipy.


Now that you’ve moved, what do you miss most?

I miss having space. Now that I’m in LA, I miss peace and quiet. It’s also more affordable. It hurts knowing what I pay in rent, and what kind of mortgage I could be paying in Minnesota. I also miss a lot of my friends in family.

What meal does MN do best?

Cheese curds and corn on the cob. Classic state fair eats.


Best place to get a drink?

CC Club. Just a simple bar with a mellow vibe.


What’s the skate scene like in MN?

It’s super close. I think skating in a park for 6 months brings everyone together. You end up skating with the same people every time.

Best skate spot?

The planter ledges at the government center are probably the coolest spot, but the parking garage across the street gets the most sessions. Couple beers and some bros? Nothing better.




Best local skate shop?

Familia has been doing so many events for skateboarding in the city over the years. They are a skater owned and operated shop, pushing skating the hardest. They also opened up a park that has been bringing in a lot of demos and skaters which is rad.


Best view?

Hard to pick one. Any view of a lake or river at dusk means it was a good day.

Favorite local news story from your hometown?

A bunch of Minneaota Vikings players had a big sex party on a boat on lake Minnetonka years back. Pretty funny.





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