Roots: Daryl Angel

Presented by Monster Children & Budweiser

monster-children-roots-daryl-angel-17homeslide-1Photography by Justin Ching 

Skateboarder Daryl Angel hails from San Jose, California. Though he moved to Los Angeles, the sense of community he found in SJ is something he says you just can’t recreate. So instead of trying, we thought we’d just ask Daryl for the inside scoop on the best places to skate, eat, shop and sight see in Saint Joseph so we can check it out ourselves. Presented by Budweiser, enjoy the second installment of our four part series, Roots.


MC: Where are you from? 

DA: San Jose, CA.

What is the best thing about coming from a small town? 

A sense of Community

And the worst?  

It’s like groundhog day here.


Now that you’re out in LA, what makes you homesick/what do you miss most? 

My friends my family.

What meal does San Jose do best?  

Lots of Mexican food, and lots of Asian Food.


Best place to get a drink?    

Cafe Stritch. They have really good food and a full bar, and there are usually bands playing people passing through. Smash Mouth played there once, I thought that was pretty fun. Also the Cinnabar, they have a pool table and play movies constantly. It’s sorta like the local skate bar.



What’s the skate scene like in San Jose?    

It’s really good—lots of people skate and it’s fun cause it’s usually a bunch of us out skating as if we were 12 again.

Best skate spot?

The Red Park – it’s the local park everyone goes to, it’s got everything you need. And Junk Yard – it’s in downtown under a freeway over pass. It’s good to skate if it’s hot out or if it’s raining.



Best local skate shop?  

Circle-A and NC Board Shop.



Best view?

I like to drive up to the mountains, Mt. Hamilton to be exact. It over looks the city and it’s pretty, even with the clouds it looks pretty cool.

Favorite local news story from your hometown?



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