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Do you like The X Files? So do we. But no one likes The X-Files as much as this lady we found on Instagram. Her name is Tori and she has built an incredibly intricate, detailed, miniature replica of Fox Mulder’s office. Why? Because she really, really, reeeeeeally likes The X Files. Is her husband secretly making mini Mulder and Scully do it on the desk when no one’s around? You’ll have to read the interview (spoiler: of course he is). Here’s Tori, the lady genius behind @miniature_xfiles_office.

Tori, on a scale of one to one million, how much do you like The X-Files?

That’s a large scale! I’ll say 999,995 to give me some room for growth when the revival airs. It is definitely my favorite television show and love story. There have been other shows that I have enjoyed throughout the years, but The X-Files is my constant all-time favorite.

Are you a collector of X-Files paraphernalia, and, if so, what’s the coolest thing you’ve got in your collection?

I’m actually not a big collector. We have three framed pieces of X-Files related art in our house, two of which only a pretty big fan would recognize. My favorite though is a pristine copy of the 1996 Rolling Stone magazine. I hope to get it signed by both David and Gillian someday. It would be amazing if Rolling Stone recreated that magazine cover to promote the revival.


Describe the moment when you decided to make a miniature version of Mulder’s office.

It all started with tiny filing cabinets. One night I was sitting on the couch looking up dollhouse ideas for my daughters and came across a listing for miniature filing cabinets on eBay. I thought they were so cute and it sparked the idea of making a miniature scale basement office. I scoured miniature store sites and it all began to come together. Soon I had almost every large piece of furniture except for the two credenzas — the two items that could really make or break the realism. I found a woman on Etsy who makes custom mid-century dollhouse furniture. She did an amazing job, and two weeks later all the main components of the office were ready to install.

Where else are you getting this miniature stuff?

Mostly eBay, Etsy, and online miniature sites. Unfortunately, with the exception of kawaii clay art, miniatures seems to be a fizzling hobby due to the cost and time involved. I recently attended a miniature show here in Los Angeles, and it was me, and about forty other women over 60. It would be great to see more young people get interested in diorama art.

What was the most difficult thing to fabricate?

This little alien fetus from the Season one finale, Erlenmeyer Flask. I really just attempted it to see if I could do it. He was very delicately created with clay, painted photo paper, and jewelry findings. He is one of my favorite pieces.



How detailed is the office? Are there things in the desk draws, and, if so, what are they?

Some aspects of the office are ridiculously detailed. Most of the articles on the bulletin boards are actually clipping that deal with UFOs or government conspiracy even though no one can ever tell in the photos! But with the exception of Mulder’s porn stash, I use the other drawers to store stuff I don’t need for a scene.

Is the miniature X-Files office a work in progress?

Yes, I think it will always be a work in progress. Right now I’m working on installing wall shelves over the bulletin boards and adding more paper, files, and books to add clutter. It is way too clean for Mulder’s office! If I ever get really ambitious and have the time, I would love to add the little basement windows you see in the later seasons.


What do you do when you’re not doing stuff with your mini X-Files?

I’m a digital product manager for a company in Los Angeles, and a married mother of two young girls. Most of our weekends are spent doing kid-related things, and during the week my husband and I like to catch up on TV shows, or have date night. After 12 years together he has finally relented and is watching The X-Files to catch up before the revival!

Now that he’s watching the show, do suspect your husband is making mini Mulder and Scully do it on the desk when you’re not around?

I actually have a funny story about this. There are two ‘naughty’ photos of the miniature X-Files office floating around the Internet. My husband will sometimes pose Mulder and Scully in flagrante delicto when I’m not home and then iMessage them to me so they pop up on my phone. I posted them to my Tumblr blog because I thought they were hilarious, and I explained that my husband was goofing around. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about the fact that Google indexes images from Tumblr! So now one them shows up right on the front page when you Google search ‘miniature x-files office.’ So embarrassing. And there is no denying it is my photo because who else has a ridiculously detailed and geeky miniature X-Files office in their house?

Are you excited about the revival?

I am extremely excited. Some new on-set photos came out recently and it hit me that this is really happening. It’s wonderful how many fans are still out there 20 years later, and how many new fans have been born due to Netflix and Amazon. And David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson still have amazing chemistry. This is truly a gift and I’m so grateful to everyone involved in making it happen.


Have you seen a UFO?

I have never seen a UFO.

Do you believe in UFOs?

I don’t believe in UFOs. That’s not to say I don’t believe there is life out there somewhere. I think it’s highly probable that other life forms exist if space is infinite, but I don’t believe they’ve contacted us and I hope they don’t. We have a hard enough time getting along with each other on this planet.

Finally, what’s your favorite episode?

My favorite episode of The X-Files is ‘How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.’ Mulder gets Scully to stake out a haunted house on Christmas Eve. I have such a soft spot in my heart for this episode because Mulder just really wanted to spend time with Scully on Christmas and he made it happen the only way he knew how — ghost hunting. The ghosts are played by Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin. It’s got humor, heart, a great ghost story, and Mulder and Scully exchange presents at the end. I watch it at least once every Christmas time.

Thanks Tori!

You’re welcome!

@miniature_xfiles_office – Go have a look!

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