LENS: Amanda Leigh Smith

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-10Lassen Davis shot at my home in Portland, Oregon

2Kristy Jacobsen for Born a Bad Seed in Vancouver, BC

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-5Kelsey McNiece for CobraCult Jewelry in Portland, Oregon

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-9Lassen Davis and Hannah Gottfried-Lee sneaking into private pools Portland, Oregon

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-4Genesy Rogers & Clarke Flowers at Service Studios, Portland, Oregon

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-3Tashina Hill, Skye Sengelmann, Heidi Lieberman and Shantelle Davidson for CobraCult Jewelry, Estacada, Oregon

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-8Genesy Rogers for Rachel Rector Lingerie

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-6Leslie Crow in Rosanky, Texas

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-7Lindsey Lugrin in Houston, Texas

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-1Skye Sengelmann in Sisters, Oregon

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-2 Eddie Pettersson for Stone Immaculate Vintage in Topanga, California

monster-children-Amanda-smith-lens-11Jessica Ilalaole in Mollala, Oregon

See more of Amanda’s work here.

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