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All that Fiji and Namotu has to offer is going to be damn hard to explain to you online. It’s a place you have to go to and experience for yourself.

As we watch the world’s best vacationers (WSL) kick around on the days off when the swell’s not keen to party, here’s exactly what they —and you—can get up to when you’re not getting tubed at Cloudbreak, or navigating coral heads at Restaurants. Or when it’s this big…

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Skull dragging and snorkeling:

What is Skull Dragging? Despite its namesake, it is not getting beaten up on the reef by a 10ft closeout, or being removed from the bar by one of the bar staff. Nor is it a drink, although its namesake is actually a drink at the Namotu bar (more to come on that). Skull Dragging is being dragged behind a boat whilst snorkeling the pristine reefs of the Fijian Islands. It’s kinda like browsing online; you don’t have to stop at every goddamn shop in the mall to see what’s on offer—you can zoom past and freak the fuck out of the fish in the process, or you can calmly navigate the intricacies of the reef on your own with a set of fins and a snorkel. Much more relaxing.

IMG_2925Photo: Stu Gibson

Fishing and Spearfishing:

Pretty self explanatory really, we’re no experts in the field (or ocean), but you’re in the middle of the goddamn Pacific, so of course you’re going to go fishing. If fishing ain’t your thing, maybe try your luck at spearfishing. The islands have a wealth of species to fish for and you get to spend the day out on the boat with your pals drinking cold beer and eating fresh sashimi. Sign me up resort manager!


You can also hit the ocean in a variety of other watercraft including Hobie Cats, kayaks and outriggers, and you can even plummet to the damn ocean with the sky diving team. But if all this sounds a bit too much on your island holiday, then these other suggestions might be more suited to your pace of relaxation. On Namotu you can make use of the two on-site masseuses, two swimming pools, spa, a beer at Wanga’s, yoga, Heli-tours, or just kick back in a hammock with the local Labradors and have them fetch you another cold Corona.


But let’s face it, this is the aim of the trip:



You could be digging your feet into the sand on Namotu with your 9 of your closest friends thanks to Corona Extra. Head over here to find out how to make sure you’re in the running!

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