Eric Yahnker’s Ebony & Benghazi


Former South Park animator and LA-based artist, Eric Yahnker is exhibiting his series ‘Ebony & Benghazi’ at the Ambach and Rice gallery in LA until mid-Oct. Cool Hunting’s Jonah Samson recently shot some Polaroids and had a chat about the show and Eric’s creative process.

“I’m perfectly content to strive for ‘crazy uncle of the art world’ status—I shake my fist, fart at the dinner table, make Mom cry, snap wet towels at the kiddos and criticize the crappy light fixtures, but in the end, everyone still loves having you around.”

Check out the interview here.

EricYanhkerPolaroid-toilet-thumb-307x367-67667 EricYanhkerPolaroid-cat-thumb-307x366-67657 EricYahnkerPolaroid-wall-thumb-307x366-67655 EricYanhkerPolaroid-tattoo-thumb-307x366-67665 EricYahnkerPolaroid-masks-thumb-307x368-67653 EricYanhkerPolaroid-skeleton-thumb-307x367-67659

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