Geoff Rowley Vans Collection


Geoff Rowley has been throwing himself into California ditches since before many of us could even heft a pint.

He brought his skating to our attention two decades ago in the Flip 411 Industry section, where he’s waxing a brand-new Karmann Ghia with an ankle that’s being held together by “nothing but the skin around it.” It seems like that’s the most downtime he’s had since then, and he’s been nothing but delighted by the idea of annihilating himself in the filming of each of his parts, the most recent being the Vans video.

He’s a tenured pro, he’s made his mark, and his name will never cease to enter topics of conversation amongst skate nerds young and old. Did you watch that contest at Clipper Ledge in SF a couple weekends ago? Do you remember when, ten years prior, Rowley fuckin’ hucked a 180 down the first set and switch 180 50-50ed the second set, then did like three more flatground tricks? The dude still sells out of his original Pro Model. There have been countless times after meals, sex, or hitting my face on the pavement, that I’ve looked up and said in a shitty English accent, “well, that felt fuckin’ tasty, I’d like to do it again!”

His legacy is so deeply engrained into our millions of psyches that we tend to take for granted how long and hard Rowley’s been getting after it. Well, here’s a reminder. The new Rowley Solo. It’s low and sturdy and made to skate by a guy who’s been making shoes to skate in since skate shoes were so puffy and stupid that you couldn’t help but smuggle drugs in them. The collection also includes work shirts, chinos, and a six-panel hat, all designed for you to slide flawlessly down the steepest embankments on your chest, ass, or head. Know what else is chill about this Vans release? It’s proof that Geoff Rowley ain’t goin’ fuckin’ nowhere. Cheers bruv.

Available June 13 at and July 27th in Aust.


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