You’re an aspiring artist, recording in your bedroom, garage, office, or Mum’s Tarago. Wherever your studio is, it probably isn’t one of the most iconic recording studios in history, where The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elliot Smith, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors have recorded. But guess what; it could be!

Converse’s Rubber Tracks initiative gives you and your band the chance to record original music in one of the world’s best recording studios, with the worlds best studio producers and sound engineers. All you have to do is register here. You’ll need to be an emerging artist, band or musician, have lived 18-years or more, and fill out an online submission ranking your top three studio preferences and providing a brief artist biography/description via video or text.

Registrations opened yesterday so you’re already coming last, go and register now! If you’re selected you’ll be notified early July and be recording at your studio of choice by September. Hello, record deal! 12 studios, 12 keys, will a set be yours?

Here’s our  top 3 studios:


1. Abbey Road, London.



2. Sunset Sounds, Los Angeles.



3. Greenhouse Studios, Reykjavik, Iceland

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