Brian Delaney for DQM

Have any of y’all ever been to Boston? Did you know that it’s impossible not to get lost there?

Have you ever walked down a shoveled sidewalk where the snowbanks are twice your height? Have you ever prayed for rain, hoping that maybe by mid-July the winter’s worth of road salt and sand will clear the road so you can actually move a skateboard on it?

Did you even know that they dump sand on the roads in New England? Well, they do. And it fucking sucks. You can see it piled up all around the landing of Brian “Dutchmaster” Delaney’s ender in his most recent DQM edit, which is not-even-arguably the chillest backside tailslide in history. Have you ever even looked at #eggsreport? Do you have any idea what any of this means? Well, whether you’re tuning in or not, the Eggs Killers have been out there daily for at least a decade, sonning your hometown’s most celebrated ledge technician. Wisen up!

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