Thaw: Time to Skate

I was smoking on the street outside my job when the mail lady, who I see every day, walks up, barely able to open her watery, puffy eyes. I’m like, “damn, allergies?” She gives me one of those “you don’t know the half of it” looks, but says, “I’ll take this shit over the winter any day.”

Hell yeah. Spring has sprung motherfuckers, like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers. Those buds that inexplicably smell like semen are just beginning to fill the trees. Pale thighs awkwardly hit the streets in daisy dukes, old people are slapping their dominoes mad loud onto collapsable tables, the parade of Euro tourism will flock any day now. East coast spring: there is nothing like it.

Those two dudes who skated really far for no good reason are vaguely at it again with this pretty-ass clip, detailing the harsh winter and the Brooklyn spring that succeeded it. Get down, get your Zyrtec out, and go roll your ankle this weekend!

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