Vince Perraud


France is an impressive country. The cities are sophisticated; littered with museums and art galleries. The transport system is above average, with trains moving faster than most planes.

If you wanted to go from Paris to the Mediterranean coast for lunch, just hop on a TGV (train à grande vitesse, or “very fast train”) and you could be sipping on Saint Emilion in the French Riviera mid afternoon. Also, the French language is up there with the most sexy languages in the world. Did I mention the wine? And the cheese? And the actress Eva Green? The French really do do it best. Meet Vincent Perraud, a self proclaimed ‘lil Frenchy’ who likes hanging out with his camera and enjoying the occasional beer. Vince mentioned his English isn’t the best which is okay because his photographs speak for themselves. In saying that we still threw Vince some questions. I guess the French can add ‘charming photographers’ to their list of things they are good at.


Hey Vince, where are you right now and what was the last thing you did before this interview?

Hey! What’s up? It’s only 7.30 AM here in France and I just woke up, took the dog for a piss, and made a massive coffee. I’m home right now after a month spent in South Africa.

Tell me about that trip and what went down?

It was sick dude! Was great to escape the french winter. We had a bunch of various shoots booked in over there but I also had a couple of days free so it was great to cruise around and see a bit more of Africa. Thanks to my local dude Shafiek and my agency Ores Group.

You’ve done plenty of journeys, but which one really sticks out in your mind as one of your favourite trips and why?

Ohhhh man!! I can’t pick one since I have so many good memories, made so many friends. Every trip you learn something new, visit new places, meet new people and get new shots. It’s a sick feeling so I can say I’m very fortunate!


What is your photography background and where did you come from? Where is home?

I always try to have fun in what I do. I’ve been on a road trip for the past 10 years in the back of a van documenting a bunch of various projects, especially extreme sports like Skateboarding and BMX. It all keeps changing and evolving. Now I live in the South of France in Toulouse which is lovely. I’m not far from Atlantic Ocean and Pyrénées Mountains.

Talk us through your camera set-up.

My Camera set up is really simple I guess. Of course I have a classic digital camera for the daily, but I also carry some heavy bastard like the Pentax 67 film camera, this shit is heavy but the feeling of film is so good. However, it’s also good to carry a convenient 35mm Minolta or a Point and Shoot Yashica. The best camera is always the one you’ve got on you.


 Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever travelled to or photographed?

I don’t know! I’ve been to many abandoned and ghetto places, but I think America in general is weird.

 What’s next on the agenda for you?

Hopefully going back to the weird America this month.



See more of Vincent’s photography in the gallery:

Photographs: Vince Perraud // I.G – @vinceperraud

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