Randy Randall

With a name like Randy Randall, it’d be criminal to be anything other than a musician. One half of Los Angeles band No Age, you’d be hard-pressed to find a higher authority than Randy when it comes to all things music related. With that in mind, we asked Randy to make us a playlist and then answer some questions about it. Turns out being strung out on some pain killers after an intense root canal played a large role in the curation of this mix.

MC: What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when creating a playlist or mix-tape?

RR: Man, I love “The Band.” I particularly love that live record Rock of Ages that is where the first song came from, “The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down.” I recently had a tooth pulled and then had my skull drilled into to have a tooth implant installed. I listen to George Harrison’s “All Things must pass” and the Band’s “Rock of Ages”. I love these albums but hearing them while having roots ripped out of your face and then cadaver sand packed into the socket where the root was brings on a whole new meaning to the experience. I also was on some pain killers and downers and I do not take or abuse these kind of drugs anymore, but man this whole experience was intense and the music was wrapped up in it. So I thought I would include some songs from those records. If you don’t know those records go listen to the whole thing. There are no bad songs on either record. I feel like mix tapes are more about songs to accompany an experience, like a road trip or vacation or flight or dental surgery.

What’s the theme of your playlist?

I thought about trying to keep all the songs from live records, the Band – Rock of Ages, Jesus Lizard – Show, Neil Young – Live as Masey Hall, but then I couldn’t find MP3’s of one of my favorite live records,1969: The Velvet Underground, with Lou Reed. That is such an awesome record. I love the way the Velvets sound on that record more than most of their studio albums. So I abandoned the idea of an “All Live” playlist, it sounded a little douchey. But all these artists on this play list are incredible live I am sure, except for Green Arrow – I don’t know what they were like live. If you like this playlist I hope it inspires you to go out tonight or this weekend and go see a band play live. Even one you don’t know anything about, take a chance if you can and go check out someone new. I remember being so stoked to just go see anything live when I was a teenager. Over the years touring a whole bunch I got burned out being out all night, but I just went to SXSW with a new band, RAT FIST, and I got excited again. It can be overwhelming but it is incredible to see live music.

What activity/activities would your playlist best compliment?

This is a pretty good play list for long drives through Texas or other wide open states. Sorry, that Beck B side goes on a little too long, there is a crazy live version of “Loser” at the end, just skip ahead to the last 2 minutes of the track after the first song ends. I loved Blonde Redhead. They were so incredible live. I haven’t seen them for probably 15 years. I bet they still rule live. Such a great drummer. I saw Blonde Redhead and The Make Up in high school so many times. I loved their live shows. They were both huge influences on me as a teenager.

Are there any songs on there that you’re a little embarrassed by?

There are no songs on here that embarrass me. The only thing that makes me think about what a different time it must have been is in the talking intro to “Bitchn’ Camero” when he is making fun of The Doors and he sings “Cuz I got AIDS.” It is a terrible thing to say or be so flippant about but I really do love The Dead Milkmen, and I love how they mostly don’t give a fuck, I have to say I thought twice about that lyric. Kind of a bummer, but I have to think that they probably though twice about it later, who knows, maybe not. I haven’t seen them in their reunion form. I hope they are good. I would like to see them. We both played FYF Fest couple years ago but I missed their set. I also missed Jonathan Richman, whom I have seen a couple times before. He is so awesome live. Totally stripped down. I am embarrassed to say I talked to Jonathan once at a show many years ago and I was drunk and probably said something stupid. I was telling him he should release a live DVD of his live show because it was so good, but I imagine I was little pushy and little too much of a fan boy. What can I say is I just love the man. This Country record he did has such a tight kick ass country backing band, that pedal steel solo fucking blows the doors off.

Were you a mix-tape maker back in the cassette days? If so, what was your specialty?

I made tons of mix tapes. Most were romantic and mushy. I had a show on my college radio station really early in the morning and nobody would listen to it so I would just record my radio show to a cassette and give it to my girlfriend. It was funny listening back to them with her because the songs were good and I could use the pro radio station mixers to cross fade songs but then every so often I would try to back announce the names of the songs I played and my voice was so cracky and faint and whispering, totally terrible college radio freshman voice. I can’t imagine she still has those tapes but it would so funny to hear how I sounded then. There was a lot of Mirah and Pavement and Modest Mouse.


‘The night They Drove Old Dixie Down’ – The Band

‘Apple Scruffs’ – George Harrison

‘2+2=?’ – The Bob Seger System

‘Attics Of My Life’ – Grateful Dead

‘Still I Dream of It (Original Home Demo ’76)’ – Brian Wilson

‘This Is For Me And I Know Everyone Knows’ – Blonde Redhead

‘A Simple Formality’ – Komeda

‘Bitchin’ Camaro’ – The Dead Milkmen

‘Lookin’ Out My Back Door’ – Creedence Clearwater Revival

‘Wheelchair Epidemic’ – The Jesus Lizard

‘Funk #49’ – James Gang

‘It Could Ruin Your Day’ – Chokebore

‘Rip It Out’ – Kiss

‘Since She Started to Ride’ – Jonathan Richman

‘Baby lemonade’ – Syd Barrett

‘Old Man’ – Neil Young

‘Open Up The Gate’ – The Congos

‘Windy Hill’ – Cornelius

‘Baby’s on Fire’ – Brian Eno

‘Spanking Room’ – Beck

‘Goodbye To Love’ – The Carpenters

‘Chipo Choroorwa’ – Green Arrow

‘Havana Moon’ – Chuck Berry

‘If 6 Was 9’ – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

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