Sydney to Melbourne, art gallery to art gallery. The lads at Space 44 decided for their yearly skate deck exhibition they would venture from their home turf in Cronulla down to The Snake Hole at Mornington Peninsula with the  full Lodown skate team in tow.

22 skaters, 3 wicked campers, a handful of tents plus a dodge full of booze – on the road for 7 days. What could possibly go wrong?  Besides the 3 hospital visits within the first 2 days and mysteriously missing cases of beer, apparently not much depending on how you look at it.

The regular skatepark stops each day made the typically arduous Sydney to Melbourne drive a breeze. Coupled with nights boozing and camping by the park/beach/where ever our hearts desired, the trip ended up taking 4 full days to get to Melbourne. Not that anyone was counting.

And just in case the clichéd Australian road trip wasn’t enough to ask for; a few solid days getting busy amongst whatever Melbourne city had to offer was the perfect way to round things out..

Pup - Backside Boneless

Directed, Filmed & Edited: Tyler Bell / I.G: @The.Sauce. Photography: Cam Markin / I.G: @itsapirateslife 

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