Tonight at Boo-Hooray Gallery in Venice, Religious Observance makes its debut. A group photography show featuring Jerry Hsu, Ray Potes, Andrea Sonnenberg, C.R. Stecyk III & Tobin Yelland – a collection of artists who are all connected by their fanatical love of photography that borders on religious devotion. They observe life through their lens and are constantly trying to capture moments of divine inspiration. Each artist will also be showing a video/film piece, which you’ll have to see in person or wait 3.7 minutes until someone uploads it to Instagram.

We hit up Ray, Andrea, Tobin Yelland and C.R. Stecyk III to answer these 1-7 questions.

Ray Potes (Hamburger Eyes)

One Camera: Nexus 5

Two Photo books: Lee Friedlander – Like a One Eyed Cat,Garry Winogrand –  Figments from the Real World

Three  Meals: Breakfast, breakfast sandwich and breakfast burrito

Four Cities: Pearl City, Leucadia, Mission District, Palms

Five People: Mom, Dad, Dave, Elaine, Bojo

Six Pack of: Pacifico

Seven Sins: (my own sins) starbucks, crops, filters, gluttony, sloth, hermit, insufficient funds


Andrea Sonnenberg aka Teen Witch:

One Camera: Nikon Fe2

Two Photo books: Anything done by Ed Templeton, and the amazing collection of Hamburger Eyes, also currently obsessed with Bright Lights by Tod Seelie.


Four Cities: San Francisco, Detroit

Five People: my family, my best friends and my boyfriend Sean!

Six Pack of: cigarettes, and beer

Seven Sins: my addictions, intolerance for ignorance and my sweet tooth!


Tobin Yelland:

One Camera: Leica M6

Two Photo Books: Helmut Newton – Sleepless Nights & Josef Kudelka – Gypses

Three Meals: Breakfast burrito, steak salad & pizza

Four Cities: Hong Kong , New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Five People: My family

Six Pack of: IPA is good

Seven Sins: road rage, not doing the dishes, messy work area, beings lazy, procrastination & impulse camera buys.


C.R. Stecyk III:

One Camera: Obscura

Two Photo books: Burn Bags

Three Meals: European Plane

Four Cities: Country Mice

Five People: La Gente

Six Pack of:  Lens

Seven Sins: Deadly


Jerry Hsu:



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