Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton. The man. The myth. The Mayor of Huntington Beach Pier. Here is a playlist Ed cobbled together to set the mood for activities like: skating, surfing, cooking, creating, taking photos, building erotic sculptures out of macaroni and wax, speed-reading, or just an afternoon of hot, sweaty coitus with that special someone named Trish or even Neil. Thanks, Ed.

What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when creating a playlist or mix-tape?

I just like a variety of types of music, although this one is pretty fast paced and rocking overall. I’m not as into slow paced music. The worst thing is making a playlist with a stinker in it that you have to skip. It could ruin a good flow if you are skating or working to the music.

What’s the theme of your playlist?

Just a good eclectic mix of rocking songs. It’s mostly older classics, nothing very new. Stuff you’ll be bouncing your head to for sure; even the Dylan alternate take of ‘Visions of Johanna’ is a faster and more rocking version, And the ‘Andy Warhol’ cover by Tree People is a smoker. There’s a mellow-ish song in there from the Smithsonian Folkways collection; it’s sort of a palette cleanser, then back to rock. The lyrics for ‘The Words’ by Lungfish are some of the best lyrics ever. ‘Systematic Death’ by Crass is in my top 5 all time songs.

What activity/activities would your playlist best compliment?

For me, painting in my studio. But the faster nature of it could be good for a skatepark too. Although, you might just want pure rock/metal for that. I always felt that Slayer made me skate better when it would come on during contests back in the day.

Are there any songs on there that you’re a little embarrassed by?

No Way! Why would I add one of those songs on my playlist for the MC web lurkers? We all have some weird stuff on our iPods, but none of it is in this playlist. I could have just made a playlist of the weird art/noise music I like, but nobody would be into that one. You have to be in the mood to listen to that stuff.

Were you a mix-tape maker back in the cassette days? If so, what was your specialty?

Not really. I was a receiver of mixed tapes, not a maker. I just bought the cassette tapes and listened to the whole album. The big mixing bug hit me when iPods came out and you could just shuffle your whole library, that’s the ultimate mix tape. I have a 650 song catered playlist that I’ve listen to pretty much over and over for the last 10 years!


‘Caress’ – Drive Like Jehu

‘Punks In The Beerlight’ – Silver Jews

‘Schizophrenia’ – Sonic Youth

‘The Words’ – Lungfish

‘Vibracobra’ – Polvo

‘Yesterday’s World’ – Circulatory System

‘Bomber’ – Motorhead

‘Andy Warhol’ – Treepeople

‘Number 5’ – Fugazi

‘Systematic Death’ – Crass

‘Visions of Johanna’ – Bob Dylan

‘Rock and Roll’ – The Velvet Underground

‘Anti-Pope’ – The Damned

‘Lafayette’ – Lucinda Williams

‘I Fought the Law’ – Bobby Fuller Four

‘In The City’ – The Jam

‘Running Town’ – Siouxsie & The Banshees

‘The Flight Of The Sperm’ – Fluf

‘Cherry Chapstick’ – Yo La Tengo

‘Traffic Jam’ – Artie Shaw

Along with his really good taste in music, Ed also has a painting show April 25th at Roberts and Tilton, a new updated website, and of course, his book. you should check them all out.

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