HUF x Voutsa


Nowadays your average skateboarder isn’t some kid with frayed Lee’s Pipes and a shitty haircut, incapable of imagining anything intimate with a girl, concerned merely with fart jokes and pressure flips. No. Times are different. Your average kid skater has pomade in his hair, tucks his t-shirt in, chain smokes Gauloises, and has slept with women twice his age.

Big-ollie big-city Keith has come a long way in this business. I’m sure he could have retired off weed socks years ago, but instead keeps up with the increasingly high-fashion pace of the skate industry. Case in point, here’s a high-top, super-cherry, collaboration between HUF and VOUTSA, an NYC-based wallpaper company whose greatest accomplishments include this pattern of penises on a vine. This spring, let them know where you’re coming from. Drape your super-horny feet in these super-sensual sneakers and hit the streets shakin’ that ass like you’re on a daggone catwalk.

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