In May of 2014, Jeff Canham and his mate Kanoa Zimmerman spent a week exploring the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico, drawn to the rich tradition of hand-painted signs, the abundance of colourful scenery, and the lure of warm water surf.

The state has  always been an influential boiling pot of cultures and traditions, and has also been home to some of Mexico’s most renowned artists, including the most famous mono-brow in history, Frida Kahlo.

After the trip, the two of them settled in back home and made busy producing a book documenting their journey. From that book, the body of work exhibited throughout Japan was born. The best part? They’re up for round two and it’s headed our way; OAXACA opens tomorrow night in Sydney at MMPG.

If seeing the fruits of their labour aren’t enough of a drawcard, the Mexican beers that go with it should be.

OAXACA – Opening Friday 6th March at MMPG – L1, 499 Crown St. Surry Hills.

Oaxaca_web1 Oaxaca_web2

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