Bryan Sheffield


“This Zebra’s name is Machupa. He lives in North Texas, about 20 miles from the Oklahoma border. This photo was Machupa and I running together. I spent a few nights at this ranch in September 2014 for a project I am working on.” – Bryan Sheffield

We asked photographer Bryan Sheffield for the stories behind some of our favorite shots of his. Then we asked him how he feels when he sees a really good shot and then realizes he left his camera at home. He said “I don’t usually get too upset when I see something great happening and do not have a camera with me. It sounds corny as fuck, but I usually just smile and pull out my iPhone. Maybe later I say “Goddamnit, Sheffield”, or my agent screams when she sees the iPhone pix and nothing else. The only recent time I remember being very upset was a few years ago when I happened to be driving by a giant multi-building fire in Long Beach at like 2 in the morning. I had a camera in my glove box, but only about 2 frames left on the roll in there, and no more un-used film with me. I still parked my car and ran around a bit taking photos of firemen and flames with my iPhone, and trying to use those last two film frames wisely. I was bummed I had wasted all those earlier shots on probably palm trees at sunset, and some goddamn girl blowing out birthday candles or some bullshit. “

Bryan’s new exhibition, LORD GOD, opens this Friday, February 27, 2015 7pm-10pm at FatherSons, 3207 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039. See you there.
“Graham and JJ are two of my very besties. This photo was taken one night when we all jointly discovered that Graham is a fire-blowing prodigy, and JJ has great tits.”


“I shot this awesome guy a few years ago for a magazine. One of the most memorable shoots I have ever done. I honestly remember every little detail. Snoop did not stop smoking once. He laughed at me a few times. Said “Hell nah” when I asked him to do a few things. Said “Hell yer! when I asked him to do some other things. I was told I’d have an hour with him. We hung for about 2.5 hours. Great guy.”


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

“This is black metal musician Xasthur in his living room. This is one of my favorite, and one of the most goddamn bizarre, photos I have ever taken.”



“I shot Autry (Ford Models) in the Malibu surf. Great girl. Looking at this photo now makes me remember I should email Ford about shooting her again soon.”



“Gaggle of Bison in Wyoming. I am sure that I had a pretty long lens on with this photo, but these things were still making my heart race with anxiety of being run-the-fuck-over. Bison are North America’s largest land mammal. Giant, and gorgeous, beasts.”



“Seagull. Mid-Hudson River by Hyde Park, NY. On a drive from NYC to Maine, we stopped off in Hyde Park, NY to visit my grandmother’s grave site. Walked along the Husdon a bit, and most likely looked like a crazy man tracking birds with a point n shoot camera.”



“Generally speaking, hip-hop moguls won’t let you take photos of them being groomed. 50 Cent was gracious as all hell during this shoot. That outta focus closet in the background, had about $145k worth of suits, and watches, in it.”



“Emily – a friend of a friend,  but now my friend – and I were putzing around the LA river one evening. We met a very smiley man with a horse. I am blanking on the horse’s name now, but she was about 20 years old and very happy too.”



“Some rad long haired dudes for a clothing line catalog at a junk yard in Ventura. 100% sure these guys love Jane’s Addiction and get laid a ton.”

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