30 Waves in 30 Days is Our Favourite Movember Fundraiser

In the 16 years since Movember began, it’s grown into so much more than a shitty porn ‘stash taking root on the face of a loved one.

Movember is constantly looking for new ways to fundraise and spread the word about men’s health, and here’s our favourite of 2020: 30 Waves in 30 Days. The story goes a little something like this… Last year, Greg Brown of Torquay’s Gash Surfboards gifted Movember a surfboard with strict instructions to use it for the cause and make sure it gets surfed.

Well, Browny, you’ve got your wish, because the crew at 30 Waves in 30 Days are going above and beyond to make sure this thing gets mileage. They’re aiming to get the board surfed by different people every day in Movember, all in the name of men’s health.

The Plan

The board will make its way from the coast of Victoria all the way up to the Gold Coast, sparking conversation through all the communities as it travels. It’ll be surfed at different beaches and by different people all up the East Coast of Australia, and everyone who surfs the board will share their own story using #30wavesin30days hashtag to give insight into their own relationship with the ocean and mental health.

What if I don’t surf or can’t get to the coast?

You don’t have to surf the board to join the campaign or donate (that’s just a bonus). You can get involved by doing the #30wavesin30days challenge, which is surfing every day this November or (if you can’t) simply going for a jog, sculpting your mo or maybe just getting into work on time. All you’ve got to do is share a post on socials, use the hashtag #30wavesin30days and tag @30wavesin30days and donate to the Mospace. At the end of the month, one lucky donor will be given the board to continue the message.

How do I apply to actually surf the thing?

If you want to get involved by surfing the board somewhere up the east coast of Aus, hit @30wavesin30days via direct message on Instagram.

Where can I donate to this bloody brilliant idea?

All donations along the way are greatly appreciated. You can donate here on the 30 waves in 30 days Mospace.

Wait a sec… how will they get it across the border?

Don’t worry your pretty little head about that—just follow the movement over at @30wavesin30days and get involved. Catch you along the way!

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