Jason Landis’ Ecstasy Bathed Imagery

Jason Landis is one of LA’s most exciting photographers, whom we also featured back in Issue 45 of the mag.

Looking through his work you feel as though you’re immersed in the action. The frivolous exploration of wild unadulterated youth reminds me of McGinley’s ecstasy bathed imagery. We asked Jason to send us ten of his favourite images and explain a little something about them. Here goes.

“Sometimes I feel like we make photography this super serious thing, which is rad too, but sometimes I feel like we forget maybe why we started taking photos in the first place. For me I want to go out and do wild things with my friends and have fun. So basically these images are a culmination of that.” – Jason Landis


“I had just packed up my car after finishing a shoot out in the desert and saw the moon setting over the top of this mountain. I had my friend Ben get out of the car and quickly climb to the top if he was any moment later it would have been too late and too dark.”


“This photo has been swimming around my head for years now. Thankfully I was lucky enough that Tyler and Dante wanted to bring it to life.”


“This is my Bud Ryun Rich, drinkin’ some buds before he bombed actually the steepest hill in Los Angeles.”


“This is my friend Ben, He’s fuckin rad. Typically he is literally down to do anything for a photo.’


“This is my girlfriend Lauren, we were on our way back from a long day of a ten hour hike, this was in the final section of the hike. We held back and waited for a open moment with no hikers to snap this.”


“Man this day sucked for Trevor, we had a shoot planned for weeks and it just so happened the day we went to the snow it was raining. This is during a naked snowball fight in the rain. Sorry Trevor!”


“This is my friend Graham Martin he’s on a show on TV called Major Crimes. But the only Major Crime going on here is him running wild in the streets in his Calvins.”


“This is Graham and his girlfriend Ginny Gardner shortly after he was runnin’ wild in the streets.”


“This is Ryun going from the 101 South to the 110 South.”

Website  Tumblr  @jasonlandis

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