Curtis Buchanan Issue 45


Curtis Buchanan’s shot of Andrew Allen and Tino Razo graces the cover of our current issue of the magazine, #45. You can buy a copy here.

“This photo of Andrew and Tino was shot at the end of summer.  A few days before, I shot Andrew doing a wallie off the side of a building in Silver Lake so I was kind of motivated on shooting more skate photos.  I’m not a skate photographer by any means but I fucking love the way 80’s and early 90’s skate photos looked.  Less polished.  Anyway, I went there to shoot Tino doing the wallride handplant thingy and while I was driving to meet him and Andrew I thought how rad it would be to shoot them simultaneously doing the same trick.  When I got out of the car they were both like “we want to do doubles”, so we were all on the same page.  They are roommates and my good friends, so it makes this photo special to me.  I wanted it to look like some 80’s Venice Scott Oster type shit. I dunno.” — Curtis Buchanan

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