HUF have teamed up with amazing artist and friend of MC Todd Francis for a collection of shirts, hats and a skateboard. In classic Francis style the collection includes Todd’s renowned vermin use in his artwork. They decided to tie it all together by making a pretend strip club named “The Rat Trap” that I think they should actually start cause we know they’re the DBC (dirt bag crew) and everyone including myself who’s been in a strip club is a dirty rat.

Both fortunately and unfortunately I was there when that rat you see in the video got chomped to bits by that monstrous snake. That’s Todd’s pet snake, and I’m still recovering from the trauma. Think what you will but he has had it for 10 years, his two daughters love it, and it’s fucking awesome. It just so happened to be his feeding time and I stupidity suggested feeding it to get footage of the artworks coming to life. Fast forward 30 minutes and we’re getting a rat from the store, another 30 the rats gone in, then we waited for it to get digested, and you can imagine for yourself how you’d feel watching that.¬†You can see the collection in the gallery below and if you’re not too emotionally disturbed, you can buy it here.

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