St. Jeromes Laneway Festival Sydney

Laneway festival kicked its ass into gear over the weekend. Opening in Brisbane on Saturday and then rolling the party straight into Sydney on Sunday.

If you have been steering clear of festivals due to douche bag dudes and trashy girls then this is the festival for you. The crowd is good, the food’s unreal, they have Melbourne Bitter cans, oh and the music. Man, the music is on the money.

The lineup is so good and jam packed that you won’t have a minute spare to stand around and smoke rollie’s and try and talk to that girl in the band tee she’s never listened to. Between the music there is the food and bars. Melbourne tins as I previously mentioned, Mary’s Burgers, Porteño Pop-up and Messina’s band inspired ice-creams.

We started the day with a bluesy kick from Benjamin Booker, a dose of Courtney Barnett and a rude awakening from the Dune Rats, operating on zero sleep and only the fumes of Brisbane’s Laneway the previous day.

Connan Mockasin didn’t mind sharing the stage, mid set inviting Mr. Kirin J Callinan on stage to feel him up whilst he plucked away on his axe. Kirin felt he didn’t have Connan’s complete attention, so he decided to put Connan on his shoulders for the last two songs. The crowd cheered approvingly and by the end of the last song, Callinan’s lanky legs were starting to quiver.


All photos: Lincoln Jubb / About LST Night

It was now time for Mac Demarco, I didn’t know what I was in for. I hadn’t seen him before, but nothing could have possibly prepared us for what came next. On a rustic Italian-style dining table side of stage sat about 20 people, Mac’s mum Agnes, Connan Mockasinn and Kirin J Callinan was back for more. Shit. Got. Weird. Guitars were thrown from one to another. Mac smoked free cigarettes from the crowd, kissed Connan Mockasin, felt him up a little, Kirin danced with Agnes Demarco and the show went on. We left, amazed and confused.



You’ve gotta be on the move to see everything, so we caught half of Jungle before bolting to Royal Blood. Jungle opened with the crowd favourite ‘Busy Earnin’ and a surprise visit from Vic Mensa. Jungle lowered us into a sense of ease and a feeling that everything was going to be ok. Royal Blood took that away from us and the two-piece blew our minds from start to finish. The power from that bass guitar and drum duo is something else.


Indigo child, Raury, rushed the stage at sunset. The 18-year old Atlanta native must of found Jimi Hendrix’s lost trunk of clothing, resembling somebody you’d see on stage during Woodstock festival circa 69′ not Laneway. Raurys eclectic sound (a mix of funk, soul, hip hop and folk) fused with his commanding stage presence, had the crown going berserk.

The day closed out with a few more tins, a German hot dog, POND, the ever emotional Future Islands, Jon Hopkins, BANKS, FKA Twigs, Caribou, Flight Facilities and the visual orgy of Flying Lotus. Told you there was a ton of music. Brace yourself Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and wherever else this wild ride shows up! Find out more info on Laneway here



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