Words by Nate Zoller, Images by Beau Roulette (courtesy of HUF)

The fog in my head has cleared since last nights Cluster world premier and what a dish it was. To start, section based movies are back and thank god because they bring the best out of surf performances.

Guys like Dane Reynolds can sit down and think about what he wants out of his section. More power turns, less air reverses. For a whole year he films something new for his fans to drool over. And so people in the hundreds show up to the Ace Hotel Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. The very theatre where PT Andersons Inherent Vice premiered. The inside is lined with triple story balconies and classic theatre design.



Anticipation burns as everyone filters into the bar. Craig Anderson talks with his fans and Creed McTaggart hugs the sides of his whiskey drink. Music blasts as crowds grow into the atrium. Lights flicker and everyone heads into the theatre that holds eight hundred. Host and HUF skateboarder Austyn Gillette MC’s the night, comparing Creed to Brendan Frasier in Encino Man and eventually getting the crowd to yell, “Fuck the WSL” a la Noa Deane. The cast of the movie is brought onto stage and Creed is blessed with a giant schooner of beer, because it’s his twenty-first birthday. His black and white leather jacket becomes drenched and the crowd loses it. After a quick couple of speeches everyone exits stage left, besides Dillon Perillo who goes backstage right.



Lights dim and everyone’s quiet. The intro kicks. Footage blares, eyes focus. Quick cuts from Hi 8 footage to Super 8 footage, flower shots spliced in between face shots. Candid moments sewed into classic Kai Neville hand held scenic. Following the same formula that his previous film Dear Suburbia, Kai decides not to include surfing in the intro of his new movie. Instead he opens with Mitch Coleborn’s part titled “Mitch.” From the start the soundtrack stood out. As sections progressed the pace of the movie morphed, climaxing during Creeds section spliced delicately to David Bowie’s “Life On Mars.” Everything fits. Dane backs up his power surfing with rail and existential whit. Craig Anderson lofts some of the biggest slob straight airs Macaroni’s has ever seen. And then, the grand finale and closing section: Noa.



From the first wave to the last, this section is pure hammers. Two frontside bigspins are stomped clean. Slob rotations are tweaked in rhythm to the music. Back to back to back. Waves, clips, gathered for the last year, projecting onto the screen in front of us. And before we know it, the movie is over. I forgot how fast section based movies carry on. Everyone claps and gets up and goes pee and then gets another drink. Vaude plays an ethereal set to a handful of listeners including Warren Smith, Dane Reynolds, Dion Agius and Kai Neville. The party has officially begun, Cluster is off and running.





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