1- NATE AND NORMANWords, Interview and Photos by Steve Lee.

Who cares about the Dos Equis guy, I’m going to say Nate Walton is the most interesting man in the world. I’ve been lucky to have known Nate for give or take the past 4-5 years.

Whether it was as Nate Walton the chill guy drinking coffee and smoking cigs, Nate Walton the photographer who gives two shits about retouching, or DJ GAPER ZMFTW, the encyclopedia of TRAP music, before general population even knew it was called TRAP music.

This past year Nate has surpassed those generalizations. We already know his photos are amazing, pushing the subtle boundaries of beauty and risqué, but this past year he’s been nailing it in other ways then just taking photographs. Having had his first solo art show a few months back, he’s followed that up by working on multiple books and zines in time for the Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair. A list of publishers he has been working with include MTHM Books, Total Luxury Spa, Heavy Time Books, and lastly, with us at Slow Culture.

During our initial meeting in discussing working with him, I questioned if the material Nate would pitch would be redundant of the work that he was doing with other publishers. That is where Nate kills it. All the things he is putting out are totally different vibes, just showing how much of a visionary he can be. We at Slow Culture are psyched to have been given the opportunity to publish the risograph zine “22nd Century Style Guide,” by the collaboration of Nate Walton & Orion Sheperd, and the risograph print, “Rubber Love,” by Nate Walton. Both are limited runs and will be available at the Slow Culture booth at the LA Art Book Fair located at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Copies of Monster Children will also be on sale for half price, so better come over to our booth and say hello.

Preview of the Risograph zine 22nd Century Style Guide:






Preview of the Risograph Print Rubber Love:



SL: Yo! I hate asking questions, and I’m sure you hate answering them, so i’ll keep this short and sweet. What’s good my dude?!

NW: Cheap Rent, My new deer-head Chihuahua Norman, the new Cinammon Delights from Taco Bell, The new Chris Rock movie “Top Five” is REAL good. The last song on Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” (STILL the shit.) Homeland is a good show. Kanye saying “Esotericism is the justification of failure” was pretty good. My ex-girlfriends are cool and amazing and smart and inspiring, so THAT is good. What else? Having a car (GOOD). Getting EBT every month (GOOD). Having a family of friends who tell me truth even when it sucks to hear (GOOD). My parents still walking and laughing and making movie dates with me (GOOD). That as of TODAY I am not a slave to 5th & Towne or 6th & San Julien (VERY GOOD), and my friends and I got to make so much fun shit for the LAABF this year! (GOOOOOOD!)

SL: I’m guessing the past few weeks have been pretty hectic for you. Probably even past year? You had your first solo art show in November, and coming off that you’ve been mashing on books and zines. What should we expect for the book fair this weekend?

NW: Ok, Well I’ll be posted up selling all the shit I made this year at Cali Thornhill-Dewitt (@Caramelbobby)’s W.S.S.F. booth. Here’s a List!

OUT OF BODY: my first official “artist monograph” or “photobook.” A collection of my signature nudes and incidental still-lifes. Figurative & non-figurative meditations on bodies, lifeforms, ghosts, dreams, etc.. It’s a definitive collection of my first 3 years owning a camera. To me, it’s a book about the often forgotten beauty found in the realm of loneliness, boredom, and the impossibility of perfect intimacy. Edition of 300, full Color, published by MTHM Books, Copenhagen.

SUPERMOON: a 32 page one-color risograph zine from Heavy Time Books in Australia. This thing looks fucking great. There’s only like 20 left so come grab one!

SIMPLE FUTURE PAST PERFECT: a collaborative with Jerry Hsu, which I am especially proud of because a) it’s beautiful and b) Jerry has long been one of my favorite photographers living, even before we ever met. There’s a definite concept to the book, but I think you should just read it or buy it and discover it for yourself.

I’m psyched that you were down to work on something with us at Slow Culture. Can you tell us about the “22nd Century Style Guide” and “Rubber Love” print? Inspiration, whatever?

The “22nd CENTURY STYLE GUIDE” is a collaborative riso-zine made with one of my favorite L.A. artists, Orion Shepherd. It’s  a ‘Style Guide’ or a Source-book of sorts. Inspired by one of my favorite zines ever, Terror House by Sammy Harkham, it’s just a questionable fluid-spattering of influential imagery that Orion and I grew up on. These are glimpses of the imagery we found as teenagers that shaped our senses of humor, and even more, Our fetishes and perversions. From Helmut Newton and Ettore Sottsass to the hyperbolic ‘gore-gaze’ of Cronenberg, De Palma and John Carpenter.  It was the most fun zine I’ve ever made. Get it at Slow Culture’s booth!! (Along with a limited edition risograph poster I made for Rubberists, Latex Enthusiasists, and poseurs called “Rubber Love”)

Well, you blew it and did not keep it short and sweet, all good though. Any last shoutouts?

I think I already was hella long-wended but Yeah Dude Shout out EVERYONE that thought I was cool enough to make a book with, you guys made my dreams come true. Hans, AUSTRALIA, DeSure, Hogge, Ttusk, Steve Ree, Slow Culture Crew, Oriole Shrumperd, and Caramel Huel Bobbito.

Thanks Nate, you’re a bloody legend.

Bro. You’re an Asian-American don’t call me bloody.

SL: Brilliant.




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