Daniel Johns is BACK!


How big must Daniel Johns’ balls be? He’s one of the tallest poppies in Australian music, which means all you nitwits can’t wait to cut him down for trying something new.

God forbid he do something different and do it well. But because his balls are so big, he records the music he wants to make, not the music he thinks you want to hear.¬†Every album Johns has released has been markedly different from the last. And now, after 8 years of cricket chirping silence, he’s back with a fresh new spin yet again. And because it comes straight from the pulsing heart of a really talented musician, it gets in your bones and turns them to melodic goo. Case in point, Johnny Big Balls new single, Aerial Love.

Also, Jesus H Christ, dude’s got some serious chops. God bless evolution.

EP is out March 13th – Pre-order that sucker right here.

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