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I’m really embarrassed I’m 3 days late on this. I’ve been listening to Petite Noir’s The King of Anxiety for ages, chanting along to opener “Come Inside” (“Only you can make me feel the same / Only you can make me feel the pain”) with a smug nobility. “I can’t wait to introduce this album to 2015!” the talking part of my brain said to the listening part. But my memory part must have been making a sandwich because I fucking forgot and now it’s out there in the world for all of you to hear and love without me being the one to tell you to do so.

The King of Anxiety has given me a panic attack.

Yanick Ilunga’s (the South African singer/songwriter behind Petite Noir) debut EP is a real kick in the guts to anyone moaning about how hard it is to sound slick on your debut record. Dude sounds like he’s been at it for decades. It’s sultry and smooth and the beats and harmonies are divine. Do you remember the band Maximo Park? If the singer, Paul Smith, moved to New York, got involved in the R&B scene, woke up in his loft apartment one day somewhere on the Lower East Side and spread some peanut butter (the non crunchy kind) across a soft, freshly baked piece of bread, this is what it would sound like. In fact, I hope that was the exact sandwich my memory was making when it forgot this EP’s drop date.

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