Top 7 Denver Spots with Evan Hecox

If there’s one person in the entire world whose taste you should trust, it’s artist Evan Hecox. Here he is recommending the best places to eat, drink, shop, and whatever else you should do when you find yourself in Denver, Colorado.


The Source

Coffee, tacos, beer, cocktails, art and design all under one roof, what else do you need?  Occupying a former factory building on industrial Brighton Boulevard, this mix of food, drink and retail opened just over a year ago.  Be sure to check out Svper Ordinary, a shop/gallery featuring a solid monthly rotation of art and design shows.  Have a drink or two at Crooked Stave Brewery or Denver Yacht Club and then you can pick up some flowers for your girlfriend at Beet and Yarrow.



Berkeley Supply Co.

Small but great, Berkeley Supply Co. is Denver’s original and best specialized men’s store.  Owner Eli Cox has a steady commitment to stocking the perfect selection of all USA made workwear staples.  A favorite among motorcycle dudes the shop serves as a meet-up spot for Sunday morning rides with Eli and friends.



Black Eye Coffee

Everybody needs a favorite neighborhood coffee shop and Black Eye is mine.  Located on sleepy Navajo Street, this comfortable, friendly spot makes a perfect cappuccino or a scientifically engineered pour-over coffee.  As an added bonus there is a mini-store at the back with a select inventory of magazines including this one.



Topo Designs Store

Topo Designs makes durable and well-designed bags and other gear that are the perfect balance between vintage style and new design.  With it’s headquarters located upstairs this is Topo’s flagship store, which happens to fit nicely into a converted shipping container.  There are also two good restaurants and a nice coffee shop in the same complex on Larimer Street.


Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.04.23 PM


Anyone who’s ever been to Momofuku in New York will immediately recognize the influence on this super busy little Ramen shop, but who cares?  The young chef-owner of Uncle, Tommy Lee, serves a bowl of Ramen and steamed pork buns that are as good as I’ve had anywhere.  This place is usually crowded but the new summer patio helps take off some of the pressure half of the year.



MCA Denver

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver has steadily built itself up from humble beginnings since 1996, moving into a new David Adjaye designed building in 2007.  Museum director Adam Lerner approaches his job in a way that makes art both fun and serious so there is always something worth checking out.  Currently featuring “Myopia”  a one-man retrospective of art and music memorabilia from Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO.  The relatively small size of this museum along with a bookstore and rooftop lounge open late on Fridays makes it feel like a fun place to stop for an hour, rather than the half-day commitment that some museums can be.



Hi Dive / Sputnik

Next door neighbors on south Broadway, these two places work in tandem, especially on busy nights.  The Hi Dive is a dive bar and small indie rock venue with sister bar Sputnik next door that has more of a cafe vibe during the day which turns boozy at night and features good Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches and vegetarian and vegan food until 2am on weekends.

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