Your week with MC: 26th Jan



Australia Day

Get on the tins.



Ariel Pink

You went too hard yesterday for Australia Day didn’t you. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be the first time someone made a fool of themselves at the neighbours backyard Australia Day party and threw up cabinossi on the slip-n-slide, moments before the neighbours kids slid through it. It happens to the best of us. Best thing to do to block out the haters would be to get liquored up (again), and get your arse along to the Ariel Pink gig at Oxford Art Factory. The LA indie-pop auteur, Ariel Pink, is a pied piper of the absurd, with infectious tales of romance, murder, frog princes and Jell-O. The king of pop perversion will quickly make your problems seem like a lazy Sunday stroll as he bangs out his demented kiddie tunes including those that were co-written with the legendary Kim Fowley (songs like ‘Jell-O’ and ‘Plastic Raincoats In The Pig Parade’ were written with Fowley in his hospital room during his recent battle with cancer). Get your tickets HERE.




Earl’s Juke Joint

It’s Wednesday and you are half way through the working week and most likely needing a lil’ something to get you over that mid week hump. Head on in to Earl’s Juke Joint in Newtown, walk straight up to the bar, wipe your sweaty brow, slam your right fist on the counter and demand a Jelly Roll Morton’s Zombie (with a straw) – a tiki style mix of rums, Cognac, lime, spiced grapefruit, absinthe and bitters that’ll either bring you back from the dead or leave you slumped in a corner, unable to make it through to Thursday. Earl’s Juke Joint – 407 King St, Newtown

Photo: Alana Bread



Deeds, Not Words 2

Some people love to pretend they know everything about anything, especially when it comes to art/photography/music. You know the over opinionated/obnoxiously loud people that rock up to exhibitions, walking around, over analysing and pretending they know every little detail about the artist whose work they are looking at? The person who tries to tell you they know the name of Jackson Pollock’s cat is usually the same person who thinks Jay Z painted the Mona Lisa because they saw it on Instagram, and lets be honest, these idiots wouldn’t even know what day it was even if they had it tattooed on their genitalia. They are there for one reason, and one reason only: the free booze. Thursday you should head along to Mild Manners Gallery and check out Deeds, Not Words 2 – A group photography exhibition about people doing shit, not talking shit. There are two kinds of people in the world, the do’ers and the gonna do’ers.  The photographers include Ed Templeton, Nolan Hall and Atiba Jefferson to name a few. Cruise along, have a few Coronas and listen to the story about that time Van Gogh cut off his ear, or was it his big toe??
Mild Manners Gallery –  1/499 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010


Mac DeMarco

Everybody’s favourite slacker rocker Macbriare Samuel Lanyon DeMarco a.k.a Mac DeMarco has been set loose in Australia as part of his tour for the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festivals, and the good news is Mac has decided to treat his Australian fans to a run of side shows. We suggest donning your best lippy and your favourite frock and catching Canada’s prodigal son whilst he is in the country. Mac DeMarco is playing the Metro Theatre Friday night and Laneway Festival on Sunday. Get tickets HERE.


The pissed off punk band from Leeds are touring their debut album that propelled them onto stages world wide earlier this year. Theirs is a fierce and angry sound, with elements of grunge, hardcore, post-punk and shades of goth. This intimate gig is not to be missed. Tickets available HERE.



Button Bar

Saturday is a day made for drinking. Some alcoholics may argue that everyday is a day made for drinking, and I’d be slightly inclined to agree with them. One place I like to drink is a sneaky little bar that can be found at an unmarked wooden sliding door at the lower end of Foveaux Street in Surry Hills. You wouldn’t even know the place existed, but venture inside and be graced by a dark and  inviting setting that provides an intimate atmosphere even when it’s wall to wall. The fit out is like a hull of a pirate ship crossed with a 19th-century tavern. There’s a large array of spirits including barrels of home spiced rum, Singapore Sling’s and sherry. It’s hard to go past a swig of the ol’ rum and pera (house made spiced rum with freshly squeezed pear juice, topped with cinnamon ). Button Bar  – 65 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, 9211 1544


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St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival

You’ve had a massive week drinking, eating and seeing some awesome live music. You may be feeling a little haggard and tired but there is no reason why you shouldn’t end the week with a total fucking bang. The St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival swoops into Sydney this weekend after sold out tours of Auckland & Singapore. Acts include Jungle,  Future Islands, Pond, Royal Blood and St. Vincent to name a few and you’d be very lucky to scrounge up a ticket. Try your luck HERE. If not we’d suggest looking on Gumtree or selling a kidney (assuming you have two) to get there.


Official Laneway After Party

If munting out at a festival all day isn’t really your thing, snatch some tickets to the official Laneway after party. Bypass all the toilet and drink lines and head straight for a good time. Synth-pop maestros Future Islands will be playing  (you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Samuel Herring dance live) as well as killer DJ sets from the likes of Mac DeMarco vs Connan Mockasin, Jungle, Dune Rats, Perfect Pussy, Eagulls, Siberia Records and more. Grab after party tickets HERE.



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