Wax Off exhibition started out in Lorne early 2009 when Xavier Davies, along with a collective of artist buddies, wanted an excuse to exhibit their personal work and sink free booze. Xavier, who after being in a couple of group shows that fell by the wayside, decided to bring together some of modern surf’s most influential artists under the one banner and voila, Wax Off was born.


The exhibition has only gained momentum since launching. Originally held in Lorne & South Melbourne galleries, Wax off has since had a dreamy stint at Corona’s La Casa Artist Residency as well as a whirlwind art tour of Los Angeles where after an LA party, Xavier ended up passed out on a trampoline in Robert Englund’s (the actor that plays Freddy Krueger) backyard, spooning his pitbull.

Fast forward to present day and the exhibition hasn’t slowed down one bit. Over the weekend, Wax Off held it’s most recent show at Secret Garden, Byron Bay, featuring the likes of Rama McCabe, Paul McNeil, Nic Chalmers, Ozzie Wright, Ari Browne and Brodie Jackson to name a few.


With a few hundred good looking, long haired salty types of both sexes attending the evening, it was little wonder all the Stone Wood beers and Batlow Ciders was consumed before 8pm. Those sharp as a tack, snuck in their own BYO tinnies. Nick Bampton of local band Sunrose serenaded the patrons until dusk, then Vinnie Laduce (aka Colin O’reilly of MT Warning) took over the tune selection.


Art was sold, beers were spilt but the the only real bit of carnage for the evening was near the end of the night, when a couple of girls found some shampoo and turned the gallery floor into a slip and slide dance floor, as you do at art exhibitions. Fortunately for Xavier, no disfigured serial killers or pitbulls were present on the evening. The lads even managed to raise almost $800 in gold coin donations for Take3 – A Clean Beach Initiative.

With the night being such a success, talks of the next Wax Off exhibition for 2015 are already underway.


Photos: Tom Milledge & Brenno Stenner.

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