Andrew Peters


unnamedPhoto and Words By Andrew Peters

We were very much flying by the seats of our pants the whole way through this trip. Concept to completion was barely a couple of months. Klamath Falls was just the mid point on the map between San Fransisco and Portland, so seemed like the right thing to do. Little did we know that there was a football field size skate desert with mountains and mounds all over the place (duh).  The place was nothing short of bizarre, as our taxi driver described “lots of drugs, lots of crime” but from the outside looked more like pleasant-ville. The park was in the middle of a paddock in the middle of nowhere, out past the correctional facility with an umbrella as the only sanctuary for shade. It’s the kind of place you need a lot of time to figure out but a lot of time in the heat just sent us ‘troppo.’ Nick came through with a cheeky BS Ollie for postcards sake.

You can watch the film of the trip, Eight and Sand, here.

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