9 months ago, on a humid, fly blown night we were lying in a field in Western Australia. Absolutely ruined after a recent music tour, we hit the beers pretty hard in celebration.

Of course we earned them. Everyone’s a music genius these days, so there was alot of amazing tunes being thrown at each other. Shortly after we started this melodic battle, someone put on ‘King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Holy fucking shit.


Photography: Linc Jubb

How had I not heard these guys before? I had been destroying my mind with fuzzy psyc tunes all summer – Thee Oh Sees, Goat, Ty Segall, Coachwhips. I was in a good place. But dammit King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard are something else. ‘Head On/Pill’, ‘Hot Wax’, ‘God is calling me back home’… all the good stuff. Bands like this, I have a habit of listening to over and over until the point of no return – I either get completely over them and or I love them to the point of merging my Medulla Oblongata with theirs. I don’t know what I’m talking about. But 9-months later I am still listening to them without fail.

Last week a few of the MC crew went along to their show at Oxford Art Factory to get wild. We arrived late, trying to miss the support but ending up copping it right on the chin. But we kept strong, knowing what was about to go down. Mayhem. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard hit the stage with their 2 drum kits, 4 electric guitars, 4 base guitars, jazz flutes, arsenal of harmonicas, party shirts, dancing midgets, a crocodile and a pet lama. The next hour and a half was a psychedelic onslaught – King Gizzard gyrated while projecting their mind bending sounds into the crowd and the crowd gyrated back in gratitude. The lack of stage security meant a bunch of punters got properly airborne, one girl with her top off managed to crowd surf the length of the stage before being dropped on her head. She was fine, a quick hair and boob adjustment and she was back gyrating. Hearing songs like ‘Cellophane‘, ‘Am I In Heaven?’ and ‘I’m in your mind fuzz’ live was pretty fucking special – these guys are the real deal. It was after 12am and they were still machining on with what seemed like a 30 minute version of ‘Head On/Pill’. It was at least 25 minutes – kept everyone just on the edge and tipped a few of the MC crew over the edge. This was about the time someone said “King Gizzard, holy fuck they’re good, but fuck they’re a cock tease, just finish us off already!”. Then they did. End.


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