Tripe from Pipe: Day 4.

Surf was shabby so no one went in the water all day. At around noon it started raining and the crew was pretty much house bound. We did some video stuff in the morning (including a Top 7 with Ford Archbold), but once the drizzle set in everyone did the obvious: limbo. We had a three-hour limbo competition, and the freakishly limber Beau Foster came in first after he limboed under the coffee table on a pair of roller-skates. It was a miraculous feat, and truly something worth writing about.

After the limbo party, we rendered one another in charcoal and enjoyed a lengthy critique session. Then we kicked a football around until Tom’s e-cigarette/electro-bong thing got broken. That was a heavy moment. He’s glued to that thing, and when it broke it was like Dumbo losing his feather (you’ll have to Google that reference, junior)

The sketch-pimp Shane Borland offered to ride a bike down to Food Land and pick up some snacks. I gave him twenty bucks and asked for a bag of chips. When he returned (four hours later) I didn’t notice that the three-dollars change he gave me meant that my chips cost seventeen-dollars. Jimmy took me aside and pointed out that my chips looked like shit as well. ‘He bought a potato for thirty-cents and got that chip bag out of the trash. I warned you, bro.’ He had warned me, but I guess I didn’t take him seriously enough. I’m on my guard now, though.

After that we trundled over to the OTW house for a BBQ and a few well-timed glances at artist Julian Schnabel. That’s not a joke; dude was really there. I was tripping. The artist Bert Krak was also there, and we arranged for me to come visit his tattoo shop in NY and get some work done–slash–do an interview. That’s going to be a MC vid you do not want to miss, unless you are my mother (she hates tattoos. Love you Moms).

After the BBQ, we returned to Rocky Pointe and hit the sack. It was a long rainy day and we were all beat.

Tomorrow: more rain, less surf, but no doubt more brazen sketch-pimpery. Also, the skate crew dropped by (tomorrow)(pictured) for the best interview ever conducted by a journalist with D.T.s

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.06.57 PM

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