Nixon x Reynolds Rover II

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“How long was I out?  What day is this?  Where am I?  Who the fuck cut open my pockets?”  
If you’ve recently found yourself asking these hard-hitting questions on a train full of bewildered morning commuters: you can now take a little bit of solace. Nixon, in their long tradition of handsomely helping you tell what time it is, has teamed up with the Bossman Andrew Reynolds in creating one really, really slick wristwatch: the Reynolds Rover II.

You’re asking yourself, “is this watch going to bring me a long, healthy, high-impact career in skateboarding?”  The answer is definitely not.  It’s a fucking watch.  However, the medium-sized stainless steel face, set on a soft, tastefully-stained, Aztec-inspired leather band, will 100% definitely let you know that you had in fact been asleep on the subway for hours longer than you intended.  Maybe with the phrase “Today is a Gift” engraved on the back of the watch, you’ll try to be more like Reynolds and not squander your days passing out in public.

The Nixon x Reynolds capsule doesn’t stop at just a watch.  It includes a number of fine leather goods–wallet, key chain, custom belt, guitar strap; as well as a dope rucksack backpack, beanie, five-panel hat, and Nixon x Altamont hoodie.

Watch Reynolds do a sweet shifty out of a bump as he talks about his inspiration for the collection here:

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