Tomorrow night at Patagonia’s Sydney concept store we will be helping these fine folks launch their ‘Worn Wear’ initiative.

What is ‘Worn Wear’ you ask? Ask no more, i’m telling you now. You think of Patagonia and you think of the environment, eco responsibility etc. You want to make a difference but don’t have the eggs to chain yourself to a 200 year old tree, or dive in front of the bulldozer last minute, cause of work and all that. You don’t have to.

There are a million easy ways to minimise your impact, and just about the easiest of these is to wear what you’ve already got… and that’s what Patagonia’s Worn Wear campaign is all about. It’s a salute of quality. It’s loving the stuff you already own… and giving it fresh life.

Bring any of your old ripped jeans which were saa cool last year or get the sleeves sewed back on that now muscle-top by the on-site ‘Worn Wear’ repair hub. Any brand, any garment, they’ll fix it so you can re-wear it.

There’ll be beers, food and music while you wait for the pocket to be sewed back on your 501’s, and they’ll be showing the ‘Worn Wear’ doco, so you can appreciate what’s actually going on.




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