WATCH: Sammy the Explorer by Stefan Hunt

Is Sammy’s name really Sammy? Or is his name really Ridwan or Adi or Barindra. My dad tells everyone his name is Kamal when it’s definitely not. He just really likes that 70’s signer by the same name. And even Kamal’s name isn’t Kamal – he changed it in 1958 from Kandiah. When I order take-away food I always tell the person serving me that my name is Jamie to avoid confusion. Why do I lie. Why is everyone untruthful about their birth names? One of the designers at MC has begun introducing himself as Encino Man, which on the other hand is fine by me.

Anyway… Director Stefan Hunt and cinematographer Campbell Brown recently joined the crew from Hurley H2O and SurfAid in Sumba to tell Sammy’s story. For the past 3 years the team have worked with local communities in the area to build wells providing access to clean and safe drinking water for over 7,000 people. To donate or get inviolved, head to Waves for Water

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