Watch: Sample Issue 1 – Jonathan Zawada, Thomas Bexon, Cat Rabbit, Dan O’Toole

Brett Brown’s a Sydney based filmmaker, a full blown legend and always wears a beanie. He also thinks I stole his jacket.

I caught up with Brett to chat about his new side project called Sample. And to return his jacket.

What’s Sample all about?

Sample is a video project based around telling the stories of people we think are RAD (Really Amazing Dudes and Dudettes) who are up to good things creatively. It’s a pretty simple concept. Nothing more than that really..

For issue 1 you got in front of 4 people, who made the cut?

Jonathan Zawada, such nice dude, really good souled guy. We hung out with him and his family at his house in LA for a day and a bit. Super talented. He’s really versatile in his approach to his work. He’s produced a heap of amazing work and has got so many great ideas, most better than you and me will ever have. Such a legend. We also shot Daniel O’toole ( EARS ) Sydney based painter. Cat Rabbit, a textiles designer out of Melbourne and Thomas Bexon a surfboard shaper who does some great work creating boards for his own board company Thomas surfboards and works regularly with the guys at Deus.

Seems like it’s all about working with mates for this project?

It’s just me and another fella Phillip Sage who are working on the project at the moment. We’ve had a little help from a few friends putting together the website and sound design. It’s a pretty low key thing for now. We’ll hopefully be able to bring in other friends and people we want to work with as it evolves.

Who can we expect to see for the next issue?

For the next issue the stories will be in the same vein. It’s a pretty open evolving thing, musicians, skaters, painters, designers, juggling taiwanese siamese midget twins. Anyone with an interesting approach to what there doing creatively really.

If you could film anyone, who would it be, even if its completely unattainable?

Don’t know at the moment. I like to think anyone is attainable these days. It’s just a matter of timing and if the other person is into what your doing. Which hopefully people are. It’s pretty crazy these days, you can really get in touch with all most anyone through the internet. Definitely want to shoot a music story, someone like DIIV or Total Control. Maybe a photographer, Bill Henson would be good, probably not going to happen, fingers crossed who knows time will tell.

Whisky, tequila or beer?

Anything but tequila. I have one sip of that stuff and I have a hangover for a week and crawl up into a ball like a scared echidna or porcupine if your a septic tank.

Check out more of Brett's work here

Jonathan Zawada is a visual artist living in LA. Working across a diverse range of mediums, he draws on an eclectic mixture of influences. Regardless of the medium, his distinctive creative style permeates everything he creates. This film looks into his series of works based on how landscapes are rendered or created in virtual worlds –

Thomas Bexon is a surfer and shaper making custom boards out of his workshop in Noosa. In cahoots with Jake Bowrey, this film looks into their creative process and what inspires them to do what they do –

Cat Rabbit is a textile designer based in Melbourne. With an eye for everyday detail she creates simple soft ‘ plush’ animals that have strikingly real personalities and characteristics. This film investigates her current studio and practice –

Dan O’Toole is a Sydney based artist exploring ideas around how images are produced and perceived. Delving into his process this film looks at how he deiberately uses a method where not everything is clean and clear, leaving space for his creativity to seep through –

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