Jamie Browne


Jamie Browne is an artist from Sydney, Australia, whose brilliant drawings you may recognize from Volcom tees and posters or from his own growing portfolio. Citing both Ozzy and Michaelangelo as inspiration, Jamie’s drawings are equally as contrasting as his influences, with detailed and shaded fine art pieces and his signature beach-life doodles. We catch up with Jamie to ask him a few things about pizzas and puns.


LS: Have you always lived by the ocean and doodled? You sure seem to love the beach…

JB: Growing up, my backyard was the beach, so it’s all I’ve ever really known, love the relaxed vibe and breezy lifestyle. When I wasn’t out and about I was always drawing, filling up my books with all sorts of things from ninja turtles to elaborate flying machines and other dumb stuff.

But seriously, it can be difficult to pull off humor in visual arts. Job well done. Do you keep a running list of puns?

It’s usually a spur of the moment thing and I just sketch it down on a napkin or coaster wherever I am. If I feel like an idea is a little under done, I’ll keep it cooking in my head for a few weeks/months to wait and see if that missing final piece reveals itself. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I try not to force it.


Cartoons, tacos, and pizzas party hard in your pictures. What’s your favorite food to draw?

The two main food groups: Beer and pizza. Puns are like pizza – the cheesier the better.


How often do you make more photorealistic drawings? Is it as much fun?

I usually do a few photorealistic drawings for Volcom per season. They are challenging in a more technical way and it can be nice almost meditative to take the time and get lost in an illustration for a couple of days. The photorealistic and quick doodle drawings are kinda like apples and oranges, so it’s difficult to compare. But it’s sometimes more satisfying to have that little eureka moment with a play on words or idea and convey it in a simplistic and rad way that people can just glance at and get. Thats what I really get stoked on.


Have you ever considered turning one of your cocktail drawings into a tiny diorama in a real glass? We’d buy one.

Yes, Great minds! I totally have! I’d love to recreate a bunch of my cocktail drawings in like 1980s toy plastic and have those little beach scenes sitting in your glass waiting to be doused in your favourite drink. Perhaps this needs to be done for a future art show.

Volcom reps some of the coolest hand-painted lettering with artists like Gemma O’Brien, Jimbo Phillips, and yourself. How much do you pay attention to typography?

Those dudes are legends! I pay a lot of attention to typography, I think it’s super important especially since I am trying to communicate a little story or idea, the lettering style I go for can make or break it and I want it to be the thing that wraps up the concept and drives it home. Whether its slimey, clean or drunken and wavy – it’s horses for courses, thats how I think of typography.


What other illustrators are on your radar?

First up its gotta be Tony Edwards, creator of Captain Goodvibes check that out if you haven’t already. The insta-sphere has also opened my eyes to so many rad people doing their own thing. There’s Llew Mejia, Brian Wade Scott, Yoko Honda and Andrew Knives to name just a few. I also really look up to Ozzy Wright, that dude just has such a vibe and way with words in his art. I really like where is head’s at although I’m not sure where that is.

What do you listen to lately while you draw?

Right now I am totally submerged in a trippy 60s underground psychedelia zone. I’m ingesting a heap of obscure bands but a few stand outs would be…The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, July, Sweet Smoke, Ant Trip Ceremony as well as some world psych rarities from India and Africa. that sort of music is really colouring my art at the moment and I have some new pieces planned for upcoming shows that kind of inhabit that realm, a place I call The Exotic Astral Palace.


Skateboards and surfboards are obviously a key influence in your art too. Do you get out on a board often?

I skate as often as I can, though it’s not as much as I’d like to. Lately I’ve been regularly sessioning the Volcom indoor park with the work bros, we crank the music, shred some beers – chill times.

The Volcom OZ site lists your age as 1 year old. Big plans for next year?

Walking is at the top of my list.


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