In my opinion, Dolan Stearns is doing some of the most outrageous shit on a skateboard.

Especially down in San Diego, where skate spots seem to be on the endangered list. He’s going about it in a completely different perspective, which is really interesting to watch, and is jaw-dropping when you realize how dangerous some of the tricks are he pulls off. He recently came and stayed with me and my roommate’s here in LA for a couple days and I learned he’s a really down to earth person with a solid head on his shoulders which made us get along nicely. Stoked he was down to do this interview below.

State your full name.
Dolan Murray Stearns.

Where are you from?
Lake Elsinore, CA.

Where do you live now?

North Park, San Diego.


What are some pros and cons about living in San Diego?

Pros: Nice weather, mellow vibes and it’s pretty low key.
Cons: It’s expensive, a little too low key and I don’t get my face out enough.

How did skating for Lurkville come about?

I was skating these random contests and the dude Tyrone Taylor who started it up just asked me if I was down for Lurkville, and I said yeah. That’s pretty much it.

I know you like to draw and paint a lot, what inspires you to do so?

I’m not really sure, just random things and ideas that please me.

Have you ever considered doing board graphics?

Of course I have. I would love too. I think the only reason I haven’t done one yet is because I want it to be really good, but then it kind of scares me because I want it to be really good. Like, I’d be designing the board and skating it so it makes me a little nervous. I like to skateboards with really cool graphics, it makes me stoked to go out and skate.

Boardslide Pop out by Cameron Strand

You’re also a pretty talented stick and poker, have you ever messed up on anyone you’ve tattooed?

Thank you, how has yours healed up? Yeah I mean I’m not perfect at it but it’s cool most people are down for whatever outcome they get. So I guess the short answer would be yes haha

Mine has healed up very nicely. People think I got it done in an actual tattoo parlour. Anyways, do you think skateboarding and art go hand in hand?

Yeah definitely, you can create anything with art and you can also get really creative on a skateboard.

What’s next for you?

I’m going on a Brixton trip pretty soon, then probably just make art, skate, and drink coffee. Maybe Tampa am. I’m not really sure, just going with the flow for now.

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