Austin City Limits 2014 – Morgan Maassen

I recently found myself in the middle of America, at 3pm, sweating profusely, eating a pulled pork sandwich, listening to Zedd blast thousands of fans with throbbing house music.

Story and photos by Morgan Maassen

This was probably the furthest I’ve ever ventured away from my usual tropical beaches and I felt freakishly out of place. But as Zedd’s fans glistened in a sea of sweat and those inflatable rave batons, I realized how free I was. I had no obligations to anyone but myself. No models, assistants, art directors, stylists, producers. No tear sheets and no deadlines. I was at Austin City Limits, there to take photos on my own accord, and see as many bands as my humidity-stricken and France time-zone body could handle.

And so I did. I saw Beck, Outkast, Eminem, Zedd, Calvin Harris, Iggy Azalea, Major Lazer, Cults, Spoon, Lana Del Rey, Interpol, Spoon, Real Estate, Tune-yards, and many others who I had never heard of or hadn’t listened to yet. I shot photos, I drank beer, I snuck around the VIP areas with a security pass that got me nowhere but “who the hell are you?”. It was spectacular and as someone who had no clue what to do when shooting music except for a vague recollection of a few profound photos in Rolling Stone, I just had fun with it. Here are my photos from that weekend. ACL was an incredible venue and Austin is one of my new favorite cities. An equatorial Portland, considering how humid and lush the city is. And Major Lazer was the best.

Foster The People had all the teens swooning.

I first saw Beck when I was 13 years old, 11 years ago. He is better than ever, a musical God.

Lana Del Rey was one of the headliners, and she sang to Ultraviolence with technical perfection. I’m a fan now.

Spoon had a core audience that lost their minds to how well they played with melting emotion and musical mastery.

Spoon’s Britt Daniel made the most of their hour on stage.

With or without drugs, Calvin Harris’s set was so¬†intense it took the whole audience to another level.

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