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The HUF crew recently partnered up with Treasure Island Music Festival to collaborate on some original festival merchandise, available at the incredible two-day party by the Bay that went down last weekend. What was for grabs at the merch table? A coaches jacket featuring a drunken bar mermaid on back. So, after loading up the limited edition jacket and catching a few delayed flights and rounds at the seedy cafeteria airport bar, the HUF crew hopped up the coast to San Francisco. HUF’s Zach Feuerstein recounts what he can remember of the weekend. All photos by Zach, too.

crowd 1

Saturday morning we arrived at the festival to set up our gifting area in the artists zone to hook artists up with product and enjoy the unusually good SF weather. We got to rap out with all the artists from Ratking to Jungle to The Growlers to Outkast, which made for quite an eclectic experience.

jungle gifting 3

painted palms

The two day festival housed artists from all around the globe with no set times overlapping, which was incredibly convenient. A collision of molly-fiending 20 year olds, true hippies, trannies, photographers and all other walks of life came out to enjoy the SF sun. MØ, hailing from Denmark, set off my Saturday afternoon with an energetic set, with no shortage of eye patches or dance moves getting the crowd moving. It doesn’t matter how shit of a dancer you are, anyone can move to MØ.


mo 3

Throughout the day stages were lit up by fresh acts backed by stunning views of the SF skyline and two of the world’s greatest bridges. Jungle, Janelle Monae and Classix all had great sets leading up to two of the night’s most anticipated sets, Zedd and Outkast. Seeing Zedd live at a festival is unspeakably more rad than when your friend obnoxiously blares him on his KIA soundsystem. My eyebrows got singed from the fire that exploded off the stage as he simultaneously dowsed the crowd in that EDM Mist shit. What a bender Zedd must be on, running around the planet and putting on performances like that. And then there was Outkast… opening with B.O.B and didn’t stop jamming banger after banger for two hours leaving everybody completely satisfied.

zedd 2

andre 3000

Sunday morning was a beaut but you could feel the hangover vibes in the air entering the festival grounds. A few coffees and a beer later, everyone was back midday for The Growlers. This was the last show of their month long tour, so they really closed it out for a massive crowd. Band hype-man DMTina got everyone psyched as he crowd surfed on a guitar case and the Costa Mesa-based band had the crowd in the palm of their hands playing hit after hit, exposing some future favorites from their new album Chinese Fountain.


dmtina crowd surf -growlers

Chet Faker, Tv On The Radio, Alt J, Washed Out and Massive Attack had memorable performances to close out the festival and send us on our way back to Los Angeles. We can only hope to be back next year. Thank You Treasure Island.


tv on the radio 2

outkast flag

big Boi

merch booth

And here’s a close up of the collab jacket in all it’s glory:

huf_x_treasure_1 huf_x_treasure_2 huf_x_treasure_3

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